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A True Crime, Paranormal, and Foodie Podcast

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Welcome to Dinner and a Murder! A podcast for all things spooky and yummy. Every week we will bring you our take on local restaurants and either a true crime or a paranormal story and the movies, shows, and books inspired by them.


We are your hosts, Chelsea West and Rose Fueston. We met when we were 14 and have been friends ever since. So the relationship has definitely reached the “bantering married couple” stage. We are two girls from Delaware hoping to share our love of true crime, the paranormal, and, of course, food with the rest of the world. Chelsea is the brains behind our website and our in-house editor. Rose, who can barely operate her own social media pages, is our writer, coming up with fun titles and episode summaries.


We hope to bring you a unique podcast that not only discusses true crime and stories of the paranormal, but also analyze them and discuss their effects on society. Find us anywhere you listen to podcasts.


So pour yourself a glass, get your snacks ready, and get comfy as we dive into tales of the macabre.


Bon appetit!




Chelsea West

Co-Host, Producer

Chelsea is from Delaware. She lives in the Portland, OR area with her husband, Ryen.

Ryen: Husband, Emotional Support, Rose's best fraaand.

Chelsea has a BS in Digital Film-Making.

Instagram: @chels_west


Rose Fueston

Co-Host, Field Researcher

Rose is from Delaware, US. She currently lives in Glasgow, Scotland. She is studying for her Masters.

Rose's education is in Criminology and History.


Jorge Ivan Ramirez Marin

Music Composer

Jorge is from Caqueta, Columbia. He currently lives in Delaware, and recently earned his Masters in Music Composition.

Instagram: @jirmstyle